Luis Villamonte

Luis Villamonte

aka "3-Card Villamonte"

Luis is commonly assumed to be the "Godfather" of the Magic Mafia™ because of his role in bringing the other three magicians together. All of them studied under Luis at different times, and it is believed that the close personal relationships he developed with each of them separately are what enabled him to convince them to join forces.

Luis and his wife, Rogene, are widely recognized as one of the most innovative and exciting magical couples of our time. Their act has been featured at many of today's top venues, including headlining appearances at concert halls, casinos, stadiums and theatres where their unique blend of music, flash, audience involvement, grand spectacle and illusion has won the Villamonte national acclaim.

No matter whether they're performing for an intimate group of forty, or a packed auditorium of 4000, Luis and Rogene will always create for their audience magical memories that will last a lifetime.

Call the Magic Mafia™ and get Luis to perform at your next event

(402) 436-2434

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*Come Fly with Me:  Luis' makes Rogene float 15 feet off the ground.

*Mid-Made Lady:  Rogene is cut into 4 while in a dream state (music is "Mr. Sandman").

*Blamo:  An impossible flash production of girls... truly magic!

*Chinese Sticks:  Luis' slant on this classic of magic.

*Heads will Roll:  A wonderful comedy routine a guillotine.

*Weight Loss for the Millennium:  A wonderful twist on an old illusion (saw the lady in half).

*French Toilet: Unbelievable humor and complete audience participation...someone will get wet!

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*Deeky & Doodle:  Luis' hilarious trick... right from his childhood.

*Three Ring Circus:  One of the most beautiful 'solid through solid' illusions you'll ever see.

*Cardiographic:  Get ready to be amazed... Luis at his best!

*Chinese Sticks:  Luis' slant on this classic of magic.

*Close Shave:  A wonderful comedy routine with swords... and someone's NECK!  Will it be yours?

*Mental Epic:  So you think mind-reading is fake?  Be prepared to change your mind.

*Silver, Copper, Brass:  Luis' incredible close-up magic with coins.  See if you can 'catch' him.

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The Magic is performed "in the hands" (without the necessity of a table) while the Magician mingles with the guests. This type of performing is most suitable for events where there is not a specific performing area.

*Deeky & Doodle:  Luis' hilarious trick... right from his childhood.

*Miss-Made Dollar Bill:  This is one of Luis' finest close-up illusions...a dollar bill is turned inside out.

*Ambitious Card:  Luis is a master card manipulator, The Ambitious Card is quick and easy to understand, yet has variations limited only by your imagination.

*Silver, Copper, Brass:  Luis' incredible close-up magic with coins.  See if you can 'catch' him.

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Villamonte's Magic Stage Show in a Nutshell (8MB)

Small Group Platform Magic Show in a Nutshell (8MB)

Close-up and Strolling Magic Show (TV interview) (29MB)

Close-up and Strolling Magic Show (Different interview) (27MB)

Lincoln's Channel 10 News Interview with Luis (4MB)

     Luis and Rogene are also the founders of The Computer Magician(tm),,,  He has also worked with his brother to develop and sell a childhood salad dressing called Thunderbird.  You can find out more by visiting the website he created for his brother at Villamonte's Cuisine.


Luis created this web site ( and his company hosts all of the above web sites.


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Doane College     Bob Ryan
Mueller Sporting Goods     Connie Mueller
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Nebraska Book Company     Kevin Gish
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Banker Buick     Shirely Green
Heese Produce     Katie Darling
Unico Group Inc.     Marvin Lyman
Cass County Fair Board     Terry Caddy
National Bank of Commerce     Lovie Magruder
National Medical Asso.     Jeannine Quinn
Architectural Alliance     Alan Wedige
Koch Agri Services     Gary Beneda
ISCO-SI Division     Pam Stoner
Dowelanco Company     Mary Eymann
Home real Estate     Pam French
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Nebraska Dept. of Health Nutrition Div.     Paula Eurek


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