Vincent Villamonte

 Most Up-to-Date News on Vincent!
(Feb 2010)

Vincent will compete at this years 2010 World Magic Seminar in the Adult Close-up competition on February 26 thru March 3rd.

Vincent signed a contract this past weekend (Feb. 2010) to be a featured perform at the 2010 T.A.O.M. Convention.

The Texas Association of Magicians Convention takes place September 3th - 6th 2010 in Austin. This convention is one of the largest in the U.S. often topping attendance at either of the “national” conventions (I.B.M. and S.A.M. conventions) with over 1,000 attendees. In 2009 at this convention (held in Houston), Vincent won "First Place" in the close-up competition. Congratulations Vincent, you earned it!


Vincent has his own website, you can sign his
guestbook and view his site, just click here!

What Clients are saying about Vincent


“I am so glad that Magic has a future…Vincent Villamonte is the future of the art of Magic!”  

- Oscar Munoz (
International Brotherhood of Magicians 1999 Gold Cups Winner

Vincent Helped Raise 13K for the Abe Demuth Family

"Vincent was a very personable performer and made each one in the audience feel as if they were "one on one" with him and his magic show!  Vincent's tricks and illusions were superb and surpassed many adults I've seen with decades more experience than he."

- Ronda Litt
Spirit of America FCU

“Vincent performs beautiful and uplifting magic that will delight any age.”

- Steve Klein
Award-winning producer and actor (

“Vinny creates wonder by taking classic magic and bringing it into a new day of entertainment!”

-Dan & Suzie Potter
World renowned Magicians (

"Vinny adapts his content to the crowd he is performing for, I have seen him perform for a children's event and a professional business event; he amazes both young and old alike.   Thank you for the wonderful event,"

- Brian Rowland
Union Bank and Trust Company

"We did not know what to expect from such a young performer but what we received was entertainment at it's highest level.   Fun, exciting and remarkable magic.  There was not a person in attendance that wasn't amazed and satisfied with that evening's entertainment. Vincent Villamonte displayed talent and showmanship beyond his years.   Great job, Vincent!"

- Kevin Pfeifer
Knights of Columbus Insurance

"Vinny has a great stage presence, with a confidence and sense of humor that might not be expected of such a young man.  Not only were we amazed by his show, but we are also very proud that he is a member of the Pius X community."                    

-- Fr. Andrew Menke,
Assistant Superintendent Pius X

Vincent "Vinny" Villamonte
Height: 5'11"
Weight: Light!
Hair: Never Combed
Eyes: Crystal Clear

We are "test driving" a new website for Vinny!  If you would like to see it and comment on his guestbook, Click HERE!

Vincent may be younger then all the other Magic Mafia members but we all make him work harder then the Gambino family.  He's been doing magic shows (paying) since he was around 11 years old.  In 2007 at age 13, Vincent won 2nd place in the International Brotherhood of Magician's international close-up youth competition in Reno, NV.

Vincent's a young gun in this world of magic but you can be assured that Organized Magic still exists in the city of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Vincent is also one of the youngest magician's to have their own magic kit, you can get one on

Currently, Vincent is doing a magic show almost every weekend, if you are looking for a magician for a birthday party, club event, school function, or you just need a great magician for an event, Vincent will be the one we recommend first, he is going to be in the price range for these type of small events.


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