About The Mob

Da-Boys (see if you can find 13 things that are different from one side to the other)


These magicians have been working in direct competition with one another for over a decade. Their individual reputations have earned each of them their own distinguished position alongside the most accomplished entertainers in recent history. They consistently set the standard of excellence in all of their various areas of expertise, while their unique and innovative styles have made them some of the most sought-after performers of our time.


It has been discovered that this diverse group of notoriously unpredictable showmen have formed an unlikely alliance by joining forces to combine their specialized talents. Separately, they’ve made names for themselves by publicly turning the impossible into cold, hard reality. Together, the possibilities extend beyond the wildest of imaginations!

Because of the ultra-secretive nature of this exclusive, underground society of elite magicians, they have come to be known as...

Magic Mafia™

You’ll never know what hit’cha!