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Luis Villamonte aka "3 Card Villamonte"

Luis is commonly assumed to be the "Godfather" of the Magic Mafia™ because of his role in bringing the other three magicians together. All of them studied under Luis at different times, and it is believed that the close personal relationships he developed with each of them separately are what enabled him to convince them to join forces.

John Chism

Chase Hasty

Vincent Villamonte

Jay Humann

Troy Tinnean

Troy's impeccable fashion sense, elegant style and flawless manners combine to give him the reputation of being a "Gentleman Gangster".  Suave, debonair, and just a bit romantic, Troy's style of magic makes a wondrous experience for everyone.  He'll take you on a magical journey filled with excitement and amazement... complete with laughs along the way!