Troy Tinnean

Troy "Deep-Pockets" Tinnean
Height: 6'2"
Weight: He doesn't have to tell you!
Hair: Perfect... always!
Eyes: Dreamy

     Troy's impeccable fashion sense, elegant style and flawless manners combine to give him the reputation of being a "Gentleman Gangster".  Suave, debonair, and just a bit romantic, Troy's style of magic makes a wondrous experience for everyone.  He'll take you on a magical journey filled with excitement and amazement... complete with laughs along the way!
     Troy has performed his unique blend of magic and illusion throughout the United States and abroad, and has touched the lives of thousands of people.  He will leave you with feelings of wonder and astonishment as well.  Just don't mistake his pristine appearance and easy-going attitude for signs of weakness…he's quite amazing to say the least!

     Whether you need Close-Up and Table-side magic (where the wonder and astonishment happen right in front of you), or Troy's Stand-Up Show, you'll be treated with superb magic and illusion, blended with just the right amount of frivolity!

     Troy has performed for such celebrities as Barbara Streisand, Tim Conway, and Steven Seagal... just to name a few!

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Here's what people have to say about The Magic of Troy Tinnean:

"... Everyone had a great time, you gave such a spectacular show!"  - - Brandy S.  Lincoln NE.

"Troy, we can't thank you enough for entertaining our special guests.  The people at the Captain's Table just loved you... great job!"  - - L. Stuart, PR Director- Celebrity Cruise Lines

"... His show was like a 'Magic Music Video'... very cool!"  - - T. Curtis, Assistant Banquet Manager, The Ritz Carlton

"Troy, what a wonderful show you performed.  People are still talking about the great time they had!" - - L. Schriber, Falls City United Methodist Church

"What can I say but simply... BRAVO!"  - - L. Burtram, Guest Relations- Embassy Suites

"Troy, you certainly have a gift for entertaining people... and you're a real gentleman." - - R. Angelico, Chicago IL.

"Can you make my wife disappear?  OUCH!  Just kidding honey!"  - - B. Riccino, Omaha  NE.

"... What a wonderful time we all had!  You're great to watch, and funny too."  - - M. Denning, Comfort Inn Hotels

"If you want your people to be well entertained, I suggest you hire Troy.  He's one of the best magicians I've seen"  - - S. Templeton, Memphis  TN.

"Troy, save a date for next year... we can't wait to have you back!"  - - Deborah J., Barnes & Noble Bookstore

"In-Cra-Da-Bowl!"  - - PoPo The Clown!

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Call the Magic Mafia™ and book Troy for your next function - OR- CLICK HERE today!

(402) 436-2431

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American Cancer Society, Coco's Restaurant (Amherst, OH.), Village Inn Restaurants, Holiday Inn Hotels, Comfort Inn Suites & Hotels, Pizza Hut Restaurants, Hart Schaffner & Marx, Embassy Suites Hotels, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Silvano's Restaurant (Albany, NY.), Lincoln Public Schools, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity (Univ. of NE.), The Green Room Comedy Club & Theater, The Ritz Carlton, Bruschetta's Restaurant (Chicago, IL.), JDC & Graphic Design, Hilltop Country Club, The Community Learning Center, Office Interiors & Design.

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* Grandma's Poem:  Troy's most memorable illusion... straight from the heart.

*The Magician's Dream:  Ever get that feeling that 'somebody's reading your mind'?  If so, it's probably just Troy taking a look around.

*The Floating Rose: Troy's romantic style truly makes this 'a thing of beauty.'  (stand-up & stage show only)

*The Magic of an Empty Theater:  Find out what magic takes place... when no one else is around.  (stand-up & stage show only)

*A Dance in the Park:  Troy and his magical cane go for a stroll, and end up 'light on their feet'. (stage show only)

*Sunglasses at Night:  Troy helps put the 'Cool' back in magic with his unique and visual style of sleight of hand. (stand-up & stage shows only)

*Cardiographic:  Comedy and card magic make for a great experience.

*The Eagle has Landed:  The most incredible close-up illusion ever witnessed (you've got to see this to believe it!)

*Six Pence... and None the Richer:  See the amazing magic Troy does with a silver half dollar... pure magic!

*Minute Molecules of Mystery:  Loan Troy a dollar bill, and see him perform some of the most amazing and funniest close-up magic ever seen.

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Here are some VIDEO CLIPS to gIVE YOU a view of troy's stand-up show:

Click Here to view Troy's stand-up show video montage (8MB).

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