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Welcome to the hide-out of the illustrious Magic Mafia™*.

Everything that is currently known about them is contained within these pages. For years, the members of this elite secret society have been operating in plain sight, during broad daylight, literally right under the public’s noses.

They strike randomly, often alone but sometimes as a group, at every type of event imaginable. Then, after astonishing their audience, they disappear as quickly and silently as they came. Their devotion to the magical arts is matched only by their loyalty to each other. Even under intense questioning, using the FBI’s latest interrogation techniques, not one of them has ever broken their “code” by revealing a secret. (Some say that TV’s “masked magician” received a visit from the Magic Mafia™, and now he wears the mask because he has to).

By using their combined talents and diversified areas of expertise they have not only managed to evade capture, but have miraculously succeeded in tying together the common and the cosmic. You’ll never know what hit’cha!


* The term "Mafia" jokingly refers to the exclusive and secretive nature of 'Our group', not organized crime, or any other illegal activities for that matter.  We are entertainers...that's it. (So STOP asking us for "favors".)


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