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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you handle the paparazzi?

Lou: "I tell them that with my busy schedule I have time for no more than 3 or 4 poses, so they’d better get ‘em right the first time."

Troy: "I yell ‘Look over there!’, then I kick 'em real hard and mysteriously vanish into thin-air. This usually buys me enough time to find a mirror and make sure my hair is still perfectly styled and my suit isn’t wrinkled."

Jay: "I thought they were shooting an episode of COPS, so I took my shirt off and started drinking. They left pretty quickly though, so I’ll probably keep doing that."

Vincent: You guys have paparazzi?

How do you do that?

Lou: "Very well, I thought."

Troy: "If I told you I'd have to kill you... it's kind of a 'James Bond' thing."

Jay:  "Can you keep a secret?  So can I."

Vincent:  How much is it worth to you?

Was that real?

Lou:  "Did it look real?"

Troy:  "No."

Jay:  "Yes."

Vincent What do you think?

Did that hurt?

Lou:  "Did it look like it hurt?"

Troy:  "No."

Jay:  "Yes."

Vincent:  What do you think?


How much do you charge for a show?

Lou:  "Fair market value, adjusted for the average daily fluctuations of the DOW and the NASDAQ, inflation, and devaluation by allowing for the influences of the Gross National Product and the position of the Yen on the currency exchange market, multiplied by the number of people in the audience and divided by pi."

Troy:  "I start at $1000.00 and keep adding $50.00 until they say ‘yes’."

Jay:  "I refer to the price list used by Elvis in 1974."

Vincent:  How much is it worth to you?

What kind of audience does your show appeal to?

Lou:  "I do a family show.  I don’t just mean ‘family’ family, I mean any family.  Well, almost.  Maybe not your family.  Your kids smell like cat litter and look like they might be able to play a banjo without any lessons."

Troy:  "Pretty much everyone, but female inmates seem to really love me... almost as much as the male ones do…did I just say that out loud?"

Jay:  "17 to 24 year old girls, but it’s really difficult to get the blood stains out of my clown suit…WHOOOPS!  I thought you asked ‘what kind of audience appeals to me?’"

Vincent:  Everybody loves me.


To what do you attribute to the fact that audiences just can't get enough of you guys?

Lou:  "We have four distinct personalities, which shows through in the magic that each of us performs."

Troy:  "Because each of us has a unique style of performance, audiences are able to experience that 'Roller-Coaster' effect.  People can relate to the dramatic aspects or our show, as well as with the humorous side."

Jay:  "I think it's because people like variety... our show plays to both ends of the spectrum."

Vincent:  "Our audiences consists of many different people, personalities, and age groups.  We've designed our show to appeal to all of these."


What is your best magical illusion?

Lou:  "NOT making the Statue of Liberty disappear!"

Troy:  "I never do illusions... they're all real of course."

Jay:  "The Jimmy Hoffa Vanish."

Vincent:  "I won't answer that one."


What is the greatest thing you enjoy about performing magic?

Lou:  "The MAGIC it creates."

Troy:  "Meeting so many wonderful people."

Jay:  "Getting out on work-release!"

Vincent:  "Knowing that you're making a difference in people's lives."


Who is your favorite magician?

Lou:  "Do you really think I'm going to say anybody other than 'The Magic Mafia Boys'? "

Troy:  "I know who my least favorite magician is, but that's for another question."

Jay:  "Lawyers... they can make money disappear faster than I can get out of a straight jacket."

Vincent:  " ? "


Who's better... David Blaine or David Copperfield?

Lou:  "Well that's easy... David is better."

Troy:  "Yep, I'll go with David."

Jay:  "K-Mar the Discount Magician."

Vincent:  "David has my vote."


What does the Magic Mafia™ have in store for the future?

Lou:  "You'll just have to wait and find out."

Troy:  "The future looks very bright... as you can see, I'm always looking through these sunglasses!"

Jay:  "World domination."

Vincent:  "Lot's of great stuff!"




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