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Lincoln, Neb.
Posted: 1:20 PM Mar 24, 2008
Last Updated: 1:20 PM Mar 24, 2008
Lance Schwartz
Email Address: lance.schwartz@kolnkgin.com

There is an intriguing family that runs a magic shop just north of Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. They fix computers, sell magic kits and produce young magicians.

Vinny is the oldest boy in the family, and he just may end up becoming the next David Copperfield.

Vinny Villamonte is only 14 years old, but he's already a proven veteran on the stage. Last year, Vinny went to Reno, Nevada and held his own against some of the best young magicians in the world. Many, many long hours of practice are paying off.

Vinny knows how to work a crowd. Thanks to his parents Rogene and Luis, the talented 8th grader is already hooked on magic.

"I grew up with it. I was kind of overwhelmed with it my whole life. I was doing rope tricks since I was 4 years old," Vinny said.

The wow factor is what keeps Vinny coming back for more.

"I like the audience reaction; that's what I like. When I really nailed the trick and they respond," Vinny said.

It's those oohs and aaahs that give Vinny the motivation to pursue magic as a life-long career.

"I'm thinking about being a professional magician and traveling the world," Vinny said.

Vinny's parents know all about traveling. They have performed as many as five shows a day and more than 300 a year. That, was before they had seven children.

"I tried to teach him to be as quick as possible, because their hands will grow bigger and one day they'll be so good at the trick. They'll be better than most magicians if they learn young," said Luis Villamonte, Vinny's dad.

Growing up in Nebraska's only magic shop has given Vinny the ultimate springboard for success.

"My dad and my mom have pretty much taught me everything I know," Vinny said.

Luis and Rogene have made it a point to get all of their children involved with magic to some degree. Like Vinny, most of their faces can be found on the front of personalized magic kits that can be found on the magic shop Web site.

If you want to purchase magic kits or just want more information, click here.





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